Winbox Hiking Packages

RM 3850 ( Whole Trip )

RM 2290 ( Whole Trip )

RM 7990 ( Whole Trip )

RM 2199 ( Whole Trip )

RM 7800 ( Whole Trip )

Winbox Service Include:

Airport Transfer : We Provide Airport Transfer Service for Peninsular Malaysia.

Corporate Job : We provide 5 Star Service For for corporate meeting or executive events.

Private Tour : We will bring you quickly and comfortably to anywhere you wish to explore.

Oversea Trip : Need to travel a little further from home. We provide private chauffeur service to locations across Malaysia.

Experiences Matter

Experience is everything, to everyone. A good travel experience is more than just a destination and service. It is a feeling that is created during every interaction, defining and building lasting memories, not just with your loved one, but with the people, places and every single moment that you will embrace.

In Parlo Tours, with our years of experience, we can craft your dream destination and experience with our expertise and experiences, as said, “Experiences Matter”.

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